It’s Coming To Life!

An abstract paper mache sculpture in progress by MJ Seal

So this dark gray, slug-like form has been floating around in my head for awhile as a potential sculpture. I’ve been so busy with other projects that I just haven’t had time to give it physical form.

Then I made a batch of paper clay that I was intending to turn into trees that ended up being to goopy to sculpt with but was the perfect color for the “slug”. I built an armature and created a paper mache shell over it with shredded up art supply catalogs from unrealized projects. When the shell dried I applied a coating of the paper mache clay to it. The “clay” has the consistency of frosting so it’s easy to spread over a hard surface and once dry it sets up like concrete but is incredibly light. Before the clay dried I gently pressed my fingers into it randomly to give the slug a distinct, furry texture. Along the base I smoothed it down with water. And I think I will give the edges of the base a coat of glossy varnish to make it look wet and liquidy- like the slime trail of a slug.

A face seems to be forming at the front end of this fuzzy gray form.
Anterior view of the “slug” with the drippings that will trail behind it.

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